1. Do I require planning permission?

In the UK it is generally a requirement to obtain planning permission prior to installation. General Permitted Development (GPDO) does exist in certain areas – you’re chosen Accredited Installer will be able to advise you.

2. Do I need three phase electricity?

No, the Kingspan wind range can be configured for connection to single, dual and three phase. We also have off-grid options for customers who are independent from the national grid.

3. What is the servicing frequency of the Kingspan Wind Turbines?

Our turbines should be serviced on their first anniversary and then every two years (or 25,000kW intervals (KW6) whichever comes first.

4. How much land do I need to install a small scale wind turbine?

Ideally you need to be in an open aspect location with at least 100m from your closest neighbour. The illustration below is a best case example.

5. What is the technical benefit of the Kingspan Wind range?

Kingspan Wind Turbines have a unique hinge design that allows the blades to cone in high winds; this allows the turbine to protect itself allowing continued operation without the need to brake itself. This unique design ensures maximum output in all wind speeds.

6. Are Kingspan Wind turbines independently tested?

Yes, the KW6 is independently tested to IEC 61400-2 and MCS certified, making it eligible for Feed in Tariff’s (Clean Energy Cash Back) Our KW3 turbine is predominantly offered to the International market for off-grid, telecoms and remote island applications as well as grid tied installations.

7. What is the expected lifespan of the turbine?

The KW6 & KW3 turbines are designed for up to 25 years operation when serviced in line with Kingspan requirements.

8. Is there a product Warranty?

The KW6 & KW3 comes with a standard 5 year parts and labour warranty.

9. How many have been installed and for how long?

The Kingspan Wind range is born from a global fleet size in excess of 4000 turbines, operating for over 22 years in over 60 countries and on every continent.

10. Are the Kingspan Wind Turbines available for off-grid applications?

Yes, Kingspan are the global market leader in off-grid solutions – for example, there are now over 130 installed in The Falklands since 1996 (all off-grid) and we also have the only EX product on the market for small scale off-shore/oil platforms.

11. Where can I find an approved installer?

Kingspan Wind has an Accredited Installer network covering the globe, all stringently vetted on technical competency and customer service. Kingspan Wind can introduce you to your most local installer upon request.

12. How much energy can I expect from my Kingspan wind turbine?

The KW6 can produce anything between 6,000kWh and 25,000kWh annually dependant on wind speed and site conditions. The KW3 will produce anything between 3,500kWh and 14,000kWh dependant on location. An Accredited Installer will be able to survey your site and provide an estimate on energy production.

13. Are birds and bats affected by small scale wind turbines?

Where appropriately sited, birds and bats should not be affected. A general rule is to ensure a turbine is installed at least 20m from any hedgerows.

14. Are different size towers available?

Yes, for the KW6 there is 9m, 11.6m, 15m and 20m – for the KW3 we offer the 6.5m and 11m masts. We also have hydraulic options available.

15. How do I buy a Kingspan Wind turbine?

Please contact us at info@kingspanwind.com to request a site survey or indicative project cost, we will ensure a member of our team or an Accredited Installer liaises with you directly to discuss your project requirements.

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