Born as the result of over 30 years innovation, our turbines have surpassed all expectations when it comes to delivering clean, green electricity for farms, land owners, schools, businesses and community projects.

Installed on every continent, our turbines have been delivering efficient, reliable and affordable on-site generation for customers in over 70 countries. Designed, tested, certified and manufactured in Great Britain – complemented with our specialist in-house wind team with over 25 years’ experience in the International Small Wind Industry.

Our wind turbines are recognised for their outstanding performance, durability and unrivalled run time – Accumulating over 35million run hours.

  1. 4500+ Installed Globally
  2. 24 Years Successful Run Time
  3. No Requirement to Shut Down in High Winds
  4. Lowest Servicing Requirement in the Market
  5. Single, Dual and Three Phase Compatible
  6. G83 compatible 6kW solution
  7. Tested to International Standards IEC 61400-2
  8. Designed to Class 1 wind speeds
  9. 5 year Parts & Labour Warranty
  10. Highest kWh Yield in the <10kW range*
  11. Free Insurance**
  12. Finance Packages
  13. Servicing Contracts
  14. Industry Leading Planning Service

*UK manufactured certified product
**UK customers only

Contact us today to find out more or to receive a no obligations quotation

Email: info@veo-energy.com


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