Swimming Pools Heating


The perfect solution for those who want to enjoy their swimming pool all year round with both economic and environmental benefits.
With high levels of reliability and efficiency, Energie thermodynamic solar systemsare not constrained by the limitations of traditional systems. The system is designed to be maintenance free, thereby reducing running costs. The heat exchanger is a sealed system that does not require periodic addition of gases. Additionally the system utilises a titanium heat exchanger with high corrosion resistance. The high efficiency of an Energie thermodynamic solar systems results in a reduction in the numberof panels required compared to traditional solar systems, providing a more economic and flexible.


  • Swimming-pool heated all year round with the lowest cost in the market
  • Non-existent programmed maintenance
  • Possibility of joining all house heating equipment into just one solution
  • Highly efficient scroll compressor
  • Free of defrost cycles
  • Small dimension indoor unit
  • High performance Electronic Expansion Valve


  • Model Solar Block 6 Solar Block 12 Solar Block 16 Solar Block 28 Solar Block 40
    Solar Panels 6 12 16 28 40
    Maximum Thermal Power, W 9700 16580 24210 38220 54600
    Power Consumption, W 1230 2010 3210 5650 8450
    Gross Weight, kg 48 96 128 210 320
    Electrical Supply 1~/ 230V / 50 Hz ou 3~/ 400V / 50 Hz 3~/ 400V / 50 Hz
    Area to be heated*, m³ 25 55 80 150 180

    *Does not relieve the sizing of the solar system according to the swimming pool, installation and geographic location.

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