The System

The panel used for thermodynamics contains an harmless refrigeration gas that flows through the panel, as this gas has a extremely low boiling point it will be boiled at temperatures as low as -15°C, This heat is then passed to the thermodynamic block where the heat is extracted and used to heat your water.

This thermodynamic block is located in the water storage tank, when the gas leaves the panel the hot gas is passed in to this compressor and pressurised even more. This pressurisation causes more heat.

The thermodynamic block is made up of a compressor, liquid reservoir, expansion valve and the heat exchanger.

The water storage tank is where the gas is passed in to the heat exchanger and then the heat transferred in to the water storage tank, There are many types of tank depending on budget, you will find a magnesium anode fitted for protection against the electrolytic process that occurs.

Once the gas has passed through the water storage tank the cooled gas is recirculated back around to the panel to be heated again, the pipework associated is small diameter pipework that links the panel and the storage tank together. This is fully installed by a qualified engineer.

The last part of the puzzle is to link the storage tank in to your current system, the water pipes are fed down and depending on what system you have decided to have installed they will be linked in to your hot water or central heating system.

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