In the Lithuanian we know the sun doesn\\\’t shine like it should do, as solar panels require the sun to generate energy this can be slight problem. This is where thermodynamic panels have the advantage as they work even when the sun is not shining. They work by using the solar energy stored in the air to provide hot water for your project. The ability to take energy provided by the sun even when the sun is not shining allows thermodynamic panels to work perfectly in our Lithuanian climate.

  1. The aluminium panels contain a special fluid that circulates through the panel. This fluid absorbs energy from the ambient temperature then transforms the fluid in to gas.
  2. The gas is them compressed inside the compressor and this process causes the gas to become even hotter.
  3. This hot gas then flows through the heat exchanger located in the hot water storage tank and the heat transfers from the gas to the water.
  4. The last step is when the gas goes through and expansion valve and reverts back to a liquid, this liquid then flows back to the panel to start the whole process over again.

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