Do these panels need to be south facing?

It sets itself apart from solar thermal in that it will work in rain, sun, frost or snow 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The other significant difference is that panels do not have to be south facing and will work on a roof, a wall or in the garden

Will I be able to generate hot water and central heating without other sources of power in days without sun?

Yes. The ecological fluid circulating at a negative temperature inside the panel is able to collect more solar power than a normal liquid, and even in days without sun or at night time. Due to a temperature gradient, the solar panel is able to capture the heat in the environment and transfer it to the water. Thus, the system guarantees hot water up to 55º C.

Whats the Coefficient of performance of these systems?

The coefficient of performance (COP) is a measure of efficiency. It measures the ratio between input energy to output energy, basically the higher the COP the more efficient the system and the cost for energy to run the system is reduced resulting in lower bills Thermodynamic systems have an average COP of 4.0 but can go as high as 7.0 on the larger systems. To put this into context, electrical heating has a COP of 1.0 and gas heating is between 0.6 – 0.9. LPG and oil boilers are similar to gas in terms of efficiency but have a much higher fuel cost so will benefit from greater savings.

How warm will my water get using a thermodynamic panel system?

Heats water to up to 55°C all year round

What maintenance is required?

The system uses 407A refrigerant and doesn’t need topping up. The only maintenance may be the occasional replacement of the sacrificial anode in the cylinder should you live in an area with soft water.

Do I need to keep my boiler or cylinder and acquire a special module?

No. The thermodynamic solar system is enough to ensure hot water throughout the year with high energy efficiency, so that you will not need any special module or keep any other backup system such as a boiler or electric cylinder

Can the thermodynamic solar system be installed in any region?

Yes, including regions where it rains or snows

Do You Supply to the trade?

Yes we can supply the system on its own, you will need to take responsibility for having the required training to install these systems. Please email us a info@veo-energy.com and we can supply you with a quote for the system required.

Is installation easy and quick?

Yes, These systems can often be installed within a day depending on the size of the system.

Are thermodynamics better than solar thermal?

Traditional soar thermal requires the sun to work, thermodynamics can work even when the sun is not shining. This gives you better efficiency and constant hot water without the need for a back up system.

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