Central Heating Systems


The thermodynamicsolar system represents high levels of economy and comfort when heating your house. The cutting edge technology used allows you to obtain both high performance and high efficiency. Thanks to the ability of a Thermodynamic system to harnessa variety of renewable energy sourcessuch as sun, wind and rain; a solar thermodynamic systems represents the best solution to reducing energy consumption. With no greenhouse gas emissions, thermodynamic solar systems provide a major environmental benefit. A single system can efficiently and effectively provide both the space heating and domestic hot water requirements.
You can also use your system to provide central heating during the colder seasons and then switch to the heating of the pool during the warmermonths, maximizing your investment .


  • Low co2 emissions
  • Super efficient environment heating at low temperature
  • Non-existent programmed maintenance
  • Possibility of joining all house heating equipment into just one solution
  • Highly efficient scroll compressor
  • Free of defrost cycles
  • Small dimension indoor unit
  • Central heating without chimneys and burnt gases, totally environmentally friendly


  • Model Solar Block 6 Solar Block 12 Solar Block 16 Solar Block 28 Solar Block 40
    Solar Panels 6 12 16 28 40
    Maximum Thermal Power, W 9700 16580 24210 38220 54600
    Power Consumption, W 1230 2010 3210 5650 8450
    Water Flow, m³/h 0,7 1,0 1,5 3,0 5,0
    Electrical Supply 1~/ 230V / 50 Hz ou 3~/ 400V / 50 Hz 3~/ 400V / 50 Hz
    Area to be heated* 90 150 220 300 450

    *Does not relieve the sizing of the solar system according to the building, installation and geographic location.

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