About Kingspan Solar

Kingspan Group plc is a building products business focused on establishing leading market positions by providing energy conserving and renewable construction systems with a global reach. Kingspan has manufacturing and distribution operations throughout the world and is recognized throughout the construction industry for its commitment to innovation, design, quality and technical expertise.

Across a wide range of sectors within the industry, Kingspan’s integrated approach to the energy efficiency of buildings has made it first choice in delivering the specialist needs of architects, specifiers, developers and building owners.

Kingspan Renewables. is a division of the Kingspan Group plc. Together with other Kingspan Group companies, the Solar business has an overall goal to provide solutions towards a zero carbon lifestyle.

Kingspan Renewables is committed to providing world-leading, efficient and cost effective solutions to satisfy today’s environmental concerns. Investment in manufacturing technology, research and design and infrastructure is the key to Kingspan’s success.

With over 25 years’ experience in design, specifications and installation of solar thermal technology the Kingspan Solar range leads the way with premium quality products including our award-winning Thermomax solar vacuum tubes. We can offer professional system design specifications and provide technical assistance for both domestic and commercial applications.

In May 2010, a £47 million phased expansion of a new facility in Portadown, Northern Ireland was announced. The investment commenced in 2009 and is being supported by an offer of £6.5 million from Invest Northern Ireland. It will also create 163 new advanced manufacturing and engineering jobs and safeguard 152 jobs.

Now operational, the facility is one of the world’s most technologically-advanced solar technology productions sites.

Highly sophisticated process combines leading-edge machinery and control systems to produce its Thermomax tubes to an even higher standard than before.

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