Solar Cylinders

Hot Water Storages Tanks to Store Solar Heat

The heat generated by the solar collectors is fed through an heat exchanger into the water-filled solar tank. The hot water can be used in the kitchen and bathroom and to heat the rooms. If the solar-produced heat is not used immediately, the solar tank holds it until it is drawn later, e.g. in the evening or at night.

Solar storage tanks are differentiated by uses:

  • If the solar array is used only to heat water, only a domestic
    link hot water tank is needed.
  • For solar installations offering space heating support a
    link buffer tank is used.
  • For solar installations that heat domestic water and support space heating
    link combined tank are used.

Wagner & Co solar water storage tanks deliver maximum heat storage tanks. Outstanding workmanship with high-end materials creates perfect insulation and facilitates fast and simple installation of the storage. They’re available in various sizes to meet varied requirements.


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