Solar Collector EURO L20 MQ AR

The EURO L20 MQ AR is a powerful flat plate collector in horizontal format. It is designed specifically for long rows of collectors and delivers high yields in water and space heating.

The EURO L20 MQ AR combines its special planning advantages with the high-end technology of the EURO L20 AR.

Application options of the solar collector

  • Single and multi family houses and commercial
  • Solar water heating and space heating support
  • Collector fields up to 50 m² are easy to assemble by combining parallel and serial connections.


    • Mature quality
      High-end materials such as Aluminum encasing and especially transparent anti-reflection glass as well as more than 30 years producing collectors make up the pedigree of the EURO L20 MQ, placing it at the top in the collector sector.
    • Long collector rows
      Special absorber geometry enables parallel connection of up to 10 solar collectors side by side.
    • Attractive appearance
      Low construction height and narrow gaps between the collectors make for attractive looking flat roof solutions.
    • Certified racking systems
    • The meticulously designed TRIC racking systems ensure enduring fixture. They have been certified by the internationally
    • operating German Technical Inspection AssociationTÜV and can be used for on-roof or free-standing installation.
  • Installing the solar collector EURO L20 MQ AR:

    • Horizontally
    • On-roof and free-standing

    Technical features of the solar collector EURO L20 MQ AR:

    • Collector frame of aluminum, silver-anodized 
    • Smooth streak-free look of the single absorber, achieved by laser welding
    • Highly transparent sunarc® anti-reflection glass increasing heat yield by up to 10%
    wagner_sunarc-anti-reflection glass

    Up to 10% more solar yield with sunarc® anti-reflection glass!

    The special nano structure of the inner and outer surface of sunarc® anti-reflection glass reduces reflection considerably, raising the 91% transmission rate of normal solar glass to 96%. The improvement is especially effective with the slanted irradiation that often occurs during winter months.

  • EURO L20 MQ AR Technical data
    Collector surface Gross area 2,61 m² / Aperture area 2,37 m²
    Format (L x W x H) 2151 x 1215 x 110 mm
    Glass cover Highly transparent sunarc® anti-reflection glass, τ = 96 %
    Absorber Laser-welded single surface absorber with selective vacuum coating; α = 95 %; ε = 5 %
    Specific values η0 = 84,2 %; a1 = 3,62 W/m²K; a2 = 0,016 W/m²K²; annual yield: 502 kWh/m² (ITW 5 m²)
    Encasing and frame Aluminum with seamless frame insulation and 60 mm rear wall insulation
    Weight 50 kg