Collector System SOLARroof

SOLARroof is a system with customized collectors enabling versatile adaptation to architectural designs.

The collector SOLARroof has variable dimensions and can be integrated with building or roof geometry. Made in the required dimensions, the solar collectors take over the function of the roof or façade. Structural safety and weathertightness have been proven by many testing techniques and numerous years of use.

Application options of the collector system SOLARroof:

  • Solar water heating and space heating support
  • Can be connected to a district heating grid
  • Multi-family homes, town houses, row houses and entire residential estates


  • Commercial buildings such as offices, hotels, public swimming pools and more
  • Industrial buildings
  • Roofing of car parks, route ways and deposit space


    • Individual project implementation
      Number and dimensions of the collector elements of every project are planned individually in consultation with the customer.
    • Attractive appearance
      Customized façade or roof integrated solar collectors that harmoniously blend in with the architectural design.
    • Costs reduced 
      Saving on materials and labor. 
    • Tried and tested quality
      High material quality, proven and certified resistance to wind, snow loads and driving rain.
  • Installation of the collector system SOLARroof:

    • Customized solar collectors for individual project requirements
    • Façade- and roof-integrated installation 
    • Saddle roofs
    • Multi-storey residential buildings with shed roofs
    • Flat roofs

    Features of the SOLARroof collector system:

    • The SOLARroof collector size is highly variable and can be adjusted to the building's and roofs geometry.
    • The solid post and beam construction of the water guiding surface, including internal drainage and an additional emergency drainage layer, guarantees a high degree of safety and water tightness.
    • In addition to individual dimensions individual detail solutions also are possible, especially snow guards, integrated roof lights, custom designed piping variations or the girding of the collector field.
    • When used as façade collectors an additional heat insulation effect is achieved, comparable to a 100 mm insulation layer.
  • SOLARroof Technical data
    Collector surface individually adapted to the roof surface
    Format (L x W x H) L: up to 12 m, W: up to 2,43 m (deviations possible), H: 170 mm
    Glass cover 4 mm highly transparent solar safety glass
    Absorber Copper heat conducting plate and absorber pipes, highly selective vacuum coating
    Specific values η0= 0,805%; k1 = 4,138 W/m²K;k2 = 0,008 W/m²K²
    Tests According to DIN 4757 part IV, carried out by the ITW Institute of Stuttgart University; driving rain and wind imperviousness according to DIN 18055 by IFT Rosenheim
    Weight 29 - 30 kg/m² (related to gross area) SOLARroof façade: add weight of rafters
    Collector encasing and frame Aluminum mullion and transom construction mounted on wooden water-proof glued wood boards, insulated with 70 mm of rock wool