About Us

UAB VEO ENERGIJA, is an Lithuanian Company established to develop, promote and implement renewable energy provision solutions in Baltic states. As a specialist wholesaler in the solar and wind technology, we have an extensive range of quality products. The company has an established product range, and undertakes active investment in the development and promotion of both proven and innovative renewable energy technologies.

UAB VEO ENERGIJA is a Lithuanian registered private company, incorporated in early 2009. We provide complete photovoltaic and wind turbine systems with all components, which – whether the system is designed for grid connection or as a stand-alone system – must be perfectly coordinated, in order to achieve optimal efficiency.

UAB VEO ENERGIJA, we place great value on stable, long-term projects with our customer-base ranging from homeowners to government affiliations. Our projects represent a safe long-term possibility for the private and corporate investors. We provide experience and dedication in all our product categories.

At UAB VEO ENERGIJA, our mission is to:

  • Help build a sustainable future for our partners in a global economy
  • Offer world-class solar and wind energy products
  • Pioneer the development and distribution of new solar and wind energy technologies.

At UAB VEO ENERGIJA, our vision is to provide education and to show people that renewable energy solutions can be competitive with traditional energy generating solutions.

Systems producing solar and wind power are exposed to the most severe weather conditions for years and years. If you want to ensure the safe, trouble-free generation of clean power in the long term, you must be able to rely on best quality. For this reason, we exclusively work with manufacturers who guarantee the highest quality.

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